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Historical Photos

The following photos were taken by the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern company photographer George E. Mott.  Credit for this work and our ability to bring them to you here is listed at the bottom of this page.

Angelica Yards (next photo)
with items identified

Angelica Yards & Shops (c.1915)
before the fire of 1918

Angelica Yards & Shops immediatey after the 1918 fire

Angelica — Original wooden
station with water tank
before the fire

Angelica — Original wooden
station, succumbed to fire

Angelica — Brick Station built
after fire destroyed
original wood station

Angelica — Coal Tower
and Crane for Loading it

Crane loading Coal Tower with
the "big scoop" (c.1910)

Angelica — Engine No. 64
taking on coal (c.1910)

Angelica — Pre-1918 Engine House.  Engine No. 61 at left.

Angelica — Interior of
pre-1918 Engine House

Unloading Cars
at Angelica (c.1910)

Friendship — Empire
Door & Sash Co.

Belvidere — Seger-Prindle
Manufacturing Co.

Belvidere — Shoe Lasts
waiting to be shipped

Belvidere — B&S No. 114 (a 2-8-0) on the interchange with the Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern.

Belvidere — Buffalo & Susquehanna looking south.  Bridge crosses over the PS&N. B&S station in the background.

PS&N Office — Formerly used by Lackawanna & Pittsburg RR

Private Car No. 99 — The Clara. Frank Sullivan Smith's Private Car

Private Car No. 99 — The Clara. Frank Sullivan Smith's Private Car — Named for and a gift to his beloved wife Clara.

Private Car No. 99 — The Clara. Frank Sullivan Smith's Private Car

Private Car No. 99 — The Clara
in retirement in Belvidere.

Engine No. 20 (a 2-6-0) in Angelica — Built by Brooks in 1897.  Scrapped in 1929.

Engine No. 67 (a 2-8-0) in
Angelica — Built by Baldwin in 1908.  Scrapped in 1940.

Engine No. 201 (a 2-8-2) in Angelica — Owned by Shawmut subsidiary the Allegany River Mining Co. — Went with the
P&S after the 1916 split.

Engine No. 98 (a 2-10-2),
about 1920 — Built by
Baldwin in 1907.
Scrapped in 1930.

Engine No. 98 on the ash pin in Angelica. — Called the "Curve Straightener" because of its length.  Used as a pusher
engine over West Notch hill.

Motor Car No. 91, the "Hoodlebug" — Operated between Olean & Hornell — Built by Brill in 1926.  Sold in 1936.

Shawmut RR Yard at Angelica about 1915. — Engine No. 15
or 17 at left (a 2-6-0)

Angelica — View of Yards
and Shops — Storehouse (right); Engine House (Background)

Angelica — Water Tower c.1910

Angelica — Five new Baldwin locomotives arriving c.1908

Early wood underframe coal car

Steel framed gondola — Coal was usually hauled in these cars

Olean, NY c. 1910 — Looking west from bridge over Olean Creek.  Line to right is to PRR interchange.  Line to left is to yard, service area and passenger station on South Union Street.

Olean, NY c. 1910 — Photo shows
yard just west of bridge over
Olean Creek.  Conklin Wagon Works in the background.

Bennett, NY — (Noth of Angelica). Southbound
passing station.

Bennett, NY — Just north of the depot.  Three deck plate girder span over Black Creek.

North Fork, PA — 8 Miles north
of St. Mary's, PA.  Location of passing sidings and a water column.  Cistern for the water
was to the left of the photo.

Little Genesee, NY — Looking north.

Little Genesee, NY — Looking south.

Little Genesee, NY.

The pictures in this gallery were produced from the original glass negatives with love and painstaking care by two people, Donald Baldwin of Wellsville and William A. Greene of Andover.  They labored many long hours to process the pictures and their work is hereby acknowledged.

The Glass negatives are the property of The David A. Howe Library, Wellsville, NY.

The Photographs displayed here are copyright 2004 The David A. Howe Public Library and may not be used in any format commercially without the express written permission of the Library.

Photo's used here are courtesey of Ron Taylor, Executive Director of the Allegany County Historical Society.
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